Swim holiday

As a hobby swimmer, you would like to learn all four swimming styles (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and crawl) from scratch? Do you already have experience in one or more of the styles and would like to develop them further? Are you training for a triathlon and want to improve your swimming? Or are you simply interested in perfecting your swimming technique under professional guidance, while still enjoying a fun holiday mood under the southern sun?


Thanks to two training sessions per day (each 90 minutes long) the all swim styles are built up: usually butterfly and backstroke in the morning, breaststroke and crawl in the afternoon. This varied program not only improves general swimming skills, such as the body position, rhythm, breathing, arm stroke as well as kicking and gliding, but also provides a detailed insight into the different stroke techniques.

The combination of the longitudinal axis rotation swim strokes (backstroke, crawl) with those of the rotation around the transverse axis (butterfly, breaststroke) takes into account the respective physical stress and ensures a balanced load.

There is a beginner and an advanced group. The technical details and the optimization of the swimming style are the focus of the participants of the advanced group, as well as endurance in longer distances. In the beginners’ group the focus is on the construction of the swimming styles from the ground up, with the aim to first swim shorter distances.


On the third day there is only one training session - not only to allow the muscles to recover, but also to have enough time for other holiday activities. After all, this week is not designed as a "boot camp", but recovery and free time are also prioritised.


Our next camp will take place in April 2020 in Tenerife. It includes 7 training days with 2 training sessions of 90 minutes per day. The first unit in the morning is devoted to butterfly and backstroke, while the afternoon unit will feature breaststroke and crawl. The individual training sessions contain many technical exercises as well as regular interval training blocks. This varied program not only improves the general swimming characteristics, such as the water level, rhythm, breathing, arm pull as well as kicking and gliding, but also provides a detailed insight into the individual strokes.

The camp takes place in Tenerife's "Tenerife Top Training" training center (T3) 

The course is held in German and English.

Included in the cost of: 

EU 1'450 Superior single room

EU 1'350 Superior double room / person

EU 1'250 Standard single room

EU 1'150 Standard double room / person

- Hotel : Jardín Caleta ***, 6 nights with half board

- Course : 10 swim sessions,  “endless pool” training with video analysis, lane rental, gym, etc. 


The flight is to be booked individually by each participant.


Datum: March 22.-28. 2021

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