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open water 
swim training


Sufficient experience, good swimming technique, endurance and safety play important roles in open water swim training. When preparing for a lake crossing or for a first triathlon, professionally guided open water training is a must. 

Open Water introduction swimming course

Would you like to swim in open water, but don't know exactly what to look for? Many people have the necessary swimming skills, but don't dare to go out in the open water. If this is also the case for you, then take your first steps into the open water with us!


This swim course is suitable for triathletes and swimmers who already know how to crawl well, but do not yet have any open water experience. In this swim course you will learn how to put on a wetsuit, what to consider when breathing in open water and how to orientate yourself in open water. The course takes place in small groups so that an optimal learning process can be ensured.

  • Duration: 1 x 60 min

  • Location: Stranbad Mythenquai 

  • Dates: 

    • 28.5.2024 (replacement date 4.6.2024)  - fully booked

    • 11.6.2024 (replacement date 18.6.2024) 

  • Location: Seebad Enge

  • Dates:

    • 6.6. 2024 (replacement date 8.6.2024 ) 

    • 13.6.2024 (replacement date 16.6.2024 ) 

  • Time: 18:00-19:00

  • Target group: Adults, beginners to advanced swimmers and triathletes who want to develop their open water swimming skills.

  • Course goal: Participants learn or improve their safety and orientation in open water 

  • Requirement: be able to swim front crawl for at least 300 metres without interruption

  • Group size: min. 2 max. 6 participants 

  • Fee: chf 60.- per participant

  • In stormy weather or in case of too low water temperature (under 14 degree) the course will be postponed. The participants have to bring their own wetsuits!

Open Water swim meet-up

Train and improve your Open Water swimming skills in Lake Zurich. This swim training is best suited for advanced triathletes and swimmers who already have Open Water experience and looking for a group to train with. 


These events are partially guided training sessions. Our coaches will swim with you on most of the dates. You can participate free of charge and without registration. Just come along and bring your swim buddies and training partners! 

  • Location: Strandbad Mythenquai

  • Dates: 

    • 27.5.2024

    • 10.6.2024 

    • 17.6.2024 

    • 8.7.2024 

    • 22.7. 2024

  • Location: Seebad Utoquai

  • Dates:

    • 1.7.2024 

    • 15.7.2024

  • Time: Monday from 7:15 (ca. 45min) Meeting at 7:10 in the Strandbad / Seebad

  • Fee: none

  • Requirement: to be able to swim front crawl 800 metres without interruption in less than
    16 minutes

Open Water private swim lesson


During the Open Water Season (May - September) we offer exclusive private lessons in Lake Zurich. During these lessons an experienced coach will accompany you into the water. During this swim training, your safety in open water is strengthened and your swim performance is improved.   

  • Location: Seebad Utoquai / Strandbad Mythenquai / Seebad Enge

  • Daten: May - September 2024

  • Time: by arrangement

  • Fee: 120.- / 45 Minuten

  • Target group: adults, beginners to advanced swimmers and triathletes who want to improve their open water swimming skills

  • Requirement: to be able to swim front crawl for at least 400 metres without interruption

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