Training groups

In order to maintain endurance and technique and to develop it permanently, regular swimming training is essential for both swimmers and triathletes. Depending on the composition of the group, the focus is on the strengths, weaknesses and, of course, the wishes of the participants. Benefit from group training’s group motivation!


The swim training takes place all year round (apart from a training pause in August). The group offers optimal conditions for advanced swimmers and triathletes who would like to train in the morning. The training schedule covers approximately 2-3 km per training, consisting of a mixture of basic endurance, interval training and exercises to improve technique. Approximately 80% of the training will be crawl, the rest is distributed to the other three styles to guarantee a varied program.

Group Hallenbad Leimbach (currently fully booked)

  • Training time: Fridays from 6:30-7:30

  • Cost for 11 months (Season) CHF 800.

  • Cost for 6 months CHF 500.-

  • Cost for 3 months CHF 300.-

  • Target group: experienced triathletes and swimmers

  • Prerequisites: 400 meters crawl in less than 8 minutes​​

Trainingsgruppe im Hallenbad City (zurzeit ausgebucht)

  • Zielgruppe: erfahrene Schwimmer und Triathleten 

  • Voraussetzungen: 400 Meter Kraul in weniger als 7 Minuten, gute Grundlagen in den anderen zwei Schwimmstilen

  • Ort & Zeit: Hallenbad City (Zürich), dienstags und donnerstags von 6:10-7:30 Uhr

  • Kosten für 2 Trainings pro Woche: CHF 1'100.- für 11 Monate oder CHF 600.- für 5 1/2 Monate

  • Kosten für 1 Training pro Woche: CHF 600.- für 11 Monate oder CHF 400.- für 5 1/2 Monate

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