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swimming course


Our swimming course for beginners is designed for adults who want to learn how to swim and move in the water without fear. 

We are aware that learning to swim as an adult can bring challenges. Therefore, in our courses we create a relaxed and supportive atmosphere where you can feel comfortable and safe. This particular swimming course is also ideal for beginners who have had negative experiences with water in the past.

The swimming course focuses on the core elements of swimming, such as breathing, floating, gliding, and propulsion movements (arm and leg movements). With these core elements, you will lay a stable foundation for all swimming styles.

During the swimming course, you will learn the specific movements for the backstroke and breaststroke. These are two different swimming styles that complement each other optimally. The swimming course for beginners takes place in shallow water (depth: 1.2 meters), and the entire swimming pool is reserved for participants of this course.

  • Location: Schulschwimmanlage Altweg, Letzigraben 208, 8047 Zürich  

  • Time: 17:15-18:00 Monday

  • Dates: 6.5.-8.7.2024 (10 lessons) 

  • Target group: adult beginner swimmers

  • Group size: max. 12 Persons 

  • Course goal: learning the basics of swimming (breast- & backstroke)

  • Requirement: none

  • Fee: CHF 350.-​ (pool entry included)

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