Crawl courses

In our wide range of swimming courses you will also find crawl courses, which are a core part of what we offer. Numerous swimmers and triathletes of all levels have either learned or perfected their crawl technique with us. In our swimming courses, we teach not only the crawl technique but also tips and tricks for independent swimming training. Our aim is to enable participants to continue their swimming training independently after the swimming course in a goal-oriented and varied way. If you want to learn crawl or improve your crawl technique, then our crawl courses are very suitable for you.

Crawl / Freestyle swimming course for beginners


Our intensive and compact weekend crawl swimming course is ideal to learn the crawl swimming technique quickly. On this crawl course, all the important basics of learning crawl are taught using an efficient and logically structured method.


Step by step, participants learn the individual elements of the crawl technique (water position, kick, body rotation, arm stroke, breathing, rhythm). This way we can guarantee our participants that they learn an efficient crawl technique in a short time. In the course, in addition to teaching the crawl swimming technique, the theory of behind swimming crawl also plays an important role. Thanks to the theoretical units, the learning process is supplemented and the broader knowledge of swimming is deepened.


This method, which was developed over many years of experience, includes special exercises through which the elements of crawl swimming are identified and trained in isolation. The crawl course ends with a video analysis of each individual swimmer and triathlete. Based on this analysis, the participants recognise their potential for improvement and can develop this further in their personal practice.

  • Location : Hallenbad Buchholz, Hallenbadweg 3, 8610 Uster

  • Date: June 2021 (expected)

  • Target group:Adults, beginners, swimmers and triathletes who either do not yet know how to crawl or already know the crawl technique (are slower than 2 minutes per 100 metres) but would like to improve technically.

  • Requirement: Be able to swim at least 50 metres without interruption in any style; be able to dive head first under water without any problems

  • 4 swim trainings á 75 min2 theory lessons 60 min

  • Video analysis 

  • Dry-land training

  • Fee: CHF 400.- 

  • min. 4 max. 12 participants 

  • Kursprogramm

Advanced crawl / freestyle swimming course

This crawl swimming course starts with a video analysis to identify both the strengths and weaknesses of your current crawl technique. Following a detailed analysis, you will learn how to further develop your crawl technique and improve efficiency through special exercises. If you want to take your crawl technique to the next level, this is the place for you.


In every swimming style, the propulsive movement comes from the combination of the leg movement and the arm stroke; only this sets the body in motion in the water. The majority of the propulsion in crawl swimming is provided by the arm stroke. Therefore, the focus of the "advanced crawl course" is on the power of your stroke and its efficient use both above and below the water. 


The technical exercises, training principles and the latest training methods taught in this course can be integrated into independent swim training following the course’s completion.

  • Location : Hallenbad Buchholz, Hallenbadweg 3, 8610 Uster

  • Date: June 2021 (expected)

  • Target group: Adults, advanced swimmers and triathletes who want to improve their swimming technique / swimming performance.

  • Requirement: 100 metres crawl in less than 2 minutes

  • 2 swim trainings á 60 min, 1 theory lesson 60 min

  • Video analysis 

  • Fee: CHF 225.- 

  • min. 2 max. 4 participants 

  • Kursprogramm