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About us

About us

Swimatic is a professional swimming school offering a wide range of swimming courses in Zurich and the surrounding area. Regardless if a beginner or advanced swimmer or triathlete, everyone will find something suitable at Swimatic.
Many years of experience paired with cutting-edge sports science are at the basis of our methodology. Alongside the quality of our swimming courses, we also place great emphasis on the pure fun and enjoyment of swimming.


Our mission: We want to support swimmers and triathletes in both a professional and personal way to achieve their individual and personal goals. Whether you are an experienced triathlete or a novice swimmer, we believe that all goals and motivations have equal value and we look forward to accompanying you on your journey.

Szilard Csoke

Szilard Csoke

Szilard started his swimming career in Hungary and spent a large part of his childhood and teenage years in the pool. After a number of successful years swimming competitively, he switched to triathlon. In the process, he had the opportunity to work with several professional coaches. This has also had a lasting influence on his own approach as a swimming coach.


Already during his studies he started to look into different forms and types of sports coaching and their success factors. At the same time he decided to work as a swimming coach for young athletes. After Szilard successfully completed his Master's degree, he came to Zurich to pursue his path as a professional swimming coach.

Szilard specializes in training and coaching adult, master swimmers, competitive swimmers and age-group triathletes.

Balazs Csoke

Balazs has been probably more in than out of the water in the past 30 years. He spent his youth in Hungary, where he was well known as a competitive swimmer. At the age of 18 he participated in his first triathlon. The swimming experience he had gained in his childhood put him in good stead, positioning him as one of the best swimmers among long distance triathletes. His best time over 3.8 km is 45:32 minutes.


He participated several times in the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. He won his first Ironman title in 2011. Balazs has been living and training in Switzerland since 2009 and has helped many triathletes prepare for their triathlon competitions. He offers a complex triathlon-coaching program, under the name Trimatic.

Balazs Csoke

In our swimming courses and swim trainings, we regularly cooperate with other professional coaches. We see the exchange and cooperation with other coaches, clubs and organizations as a fruitful addition to what we offer.

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