Crawl courses

Beginner's intensive weekend crawl / freestyle course

For all our courses we attach great importance to the methodology we use to teach, based on the latest swim theories as well as scientific knowledge.

This course teaches the basics of front crawl (freestyle) using an effectual and logical method. Step by step, the participants learn the elements of crawl (body position, kick, body rotation, arm stroke, breathing, rhythm) and thus acquire a harmonious and efficient crawl technique.


This method, developed over years of experience, involves many specific exercises, in which individual elements of crawl are developed and trained in isolation. This method not only enables you to learn quickly and successfully, but also guarantees you will have learned the basics for efficient front crawl.


The course ends with a video analysis of each swimmer to discuss personal strengths and weaknesses in the client’s swimming style while also focusing on their future technical improvement.​​

  • Target group: Swimmers and triathletes who are either not yet able to crawlor who already know the crawl technique (slower than 2 minutes per 100 meters) but want to improve technically. 

  • Prerequisite:ability to swim at least 50 meters without interruption in

  • any style(with head under water)

  • Place: Hallenbad Uster

  • Date 1: 14.-15.11.2020

  • Date 2: 05.-06.12.2020

  • 4 swimming lessons of 75 min

  • 2 theory lessons of 60 min

  • Video analysis

  • Dry-land training

  • Cost CHF 400.- 

  • min. 4  max. 10 participants

  • Course programme 

Crawl course - Intermediate level

The course begins with a video analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current swimming style. Afterwards, you will learn how to develop and improve both your swimming style and efficiency through special exercises. If you want to raise your crawl technique to the next level, you are in the right place.


With each swimming style, the forward movement results from the combination of kick and arm pull; only then will the body move forward in water. The main part of the drive is derived from the arm pull. Therefore, the focus in the "advanced course " is on the arm pull and its efficient use above and under water.

  • Target group: advanced swimmers and triathletes who want to improve their speed and efficiency.

  • Prerequisite: 100 meters crawl in less than 2 minutes

  • Place: Hallenbad Uster

  • Date 1: 14.11.2020 10:00-16:00

  • 2 swimming lessons of 60 min

  • Theory lesson of 60 min

  • Video analysis

  • Training theory

  • Cost CHF 225.-

  • min. 2 max. 6 participants

  • Course programme