Athletic training

This course is aimed at all athletes who want to strengthen their body and maximise their sporting potential. The course focuses on functional strength, mobility and various patterns of movement that benefit triathletes and swimmers in particular.

The outcome of this course is to prevent strains and injuries (from overuse) which would otherwise hinder your athletic ability and sport participation in general. In the long term, it is only possible to continue doing sports if you possess a healthy and functioning musculoskeletal system.

Certain sports can lead to particular stresses on the body. For example, a lack of hip rotation while swimming frontcrawl often results with problems in the shoulders, or a limited hip extension resulting from frequent cycling that often leads to back or neck pain. It is therefore necessary to compensate the body for these sport-specific motions. This includes training particular movements and patterns that aren’t frequently used in a certain sport but will result in maintianing a healthy musculoskeletal system.

Training is more enjoyable in a group while you can also benefit from the motivation of other participants.

In collaboration with Functional Athletics, who run the training course.

Registration is possible at any time and we welcome all levels of athletic ability. 


Time and location: Wednesday 8-9 pm, Hallenbad City (Turnhalle)


Beginning of the course: 9th of January 2019


Course fees: 

10er subscription (valid for 5 months) -  chf 270.-*

20er subscription (valid for 10 months)- chf 500.-*

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